We all know how learning the rules of any language can be dry and teaching them can be difficult.

We develop an educational card game called Tutla to overcome this challenge. Tutla is a teaching and learning aid primarily developed to facilitate the learning of our scientific rules of learning imbuhan. It is a bridge from knowing the rules to applying them when completing imbuhan exercises. We believe Tutla has potential to make learning of Malay language rules even beyond imbuhan fun!

We have successfully secured cluster funding to print Tutla for secondary schools in our N3 cluster that offer Malay. Each school will receive 10 sets of Tutla after attending our professional sharing at Pei Hwa Secondary School on how we use Tutla in our lessons. We could sense the excitement among the teachers who attended our professional sharing and are pleased with their interest to use Tutla in their lessons too.

We are now in the process of applying funding from the Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee to support our series of Tutla workshop next year and for the printing of 500 sets of Tutla to be given away to secondary school teachers from other clusters who attend our workshops.

We have published Tutla at The Game Crafter. If you would like to own a personal set or make bulk purchase for your school, you can place your order of Tutla via The Game Crafter.

How to play Tutla

We are excited to share how teachers can use Tutla in their lessons. With that in mind, we are exploring how Tutla can be played using the following types of gameplay below. We hope what we share will inspire you ideas to play Tutla differently within or outside of the game play types we have here. We are grateful if you share your ideas with us so that we could share them with fellow teachers. We look forward to your contributions.

Trick-Taking Games

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Matching Games

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Shedding Games

Knowing Your Kata Nama Am & Kata Nama Khas

Presentation Slides

Catch & Collect Games

Knowing What Constitutes Kata Nama

Presentation slides

Our students chose to put the Tutla cards faced down to make the game more difficult where they could not see the themes on the cards they picked. Some did struggle but amazingly they help each other out and learnt together.

Students are amazing! For many creativity comes so easy that when you put Tutla before them, teach them how to play the game and you’ll see they take the game a few notches better than how we envison them to play. Awesome!

Fishing Games

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Comparing Games

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Solitaire (Patience) games

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Multi-genre games

Knowing How to Build an Active Sentence

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Still a work in progress. Do come again later.