We Have Just Published Our Kami Pelajar A1 Collectibles

The collectibles gave Kalisya a sense of reassurance of her achievements and encouraged her to do even better.

We have just published our Kami Pelajar A1 Collectibles at The Game Crafter here. Educators can now purchase these collectibles and employ them with their graduating classes next year.

We use these collectibles to invoke positively our graduating students’ affective domain to give their best to attain distinctions during the June O Level Malay Language Examinations this year. You can find out how we designed and produced these collectibles, employed them successfully in a classroom and home-based learning environment, and what were our graduating students’ feedback towards these collectibles below:

Kami Pelajar A1
>Target Setting
>Charting Progress
>Recipients of Our Collectibles
>Students’ Feedback

We have submitted a proposal for the coming Teachers’ Conference 2021 and look forward to sharing our collectibles in a paper presentation. We will continue to employ these collectibles with our graduating classes next year and welcome any query from educators who would like to do likewise.