Snow Globes

Earlier on we shared a post on Souvenir Magenets to show you how Cikgu Maizurah developed in her Secondary 1 NA/NT (SBB) students a precursory oral skill (storytelling personal experiences before an audience) before teaching them oral strategies. Still on the note of developing precursory skills, in the video above Cikgu Maizurah again demonstrated how she taught her Secondary 1 NT students what tone to use as a precursory sms and email skill before teaching them how to write sms and email for a component in their Paper 1 examination.

As educators, we now see the need to identify precursory skills that our NT and NA/NT (SBB) students lack, and develop these skills before teaching the strategies to do well for their Malay Language examinations. We hope that this sharing will inspire us to design innovative, creative and effective lessons for the benefits of our NT & NA/NT (SBB) students.