[Infographic] Senarai Tema Untuk Karangan Naratif & Deskriptif

Students will find this resource useful when they think about theme. Each theme is hyperlinked to an Internet resource that provides a story context. To access the story context, click on the image below for a pdf version of the file. Hyperlinks work in a pdf file but are hidden in an image file.
Infographic 6

[Infographic] Bagaimana Menulis Karangan Deskriptif Distinction

The infographic below details briefly the steps we discussed in our 5 series video on Teaching Descriptive Writing. We look forward to share with participants how we employ flipped classroom approach using these videos to develop writing mastery in our students.

Do sign-up for our workshop via TRAISI if you are interested. Btw, please help share the news around.

Workshop details:

TRAISI Code: 12719
Date: 15 Sep 2016
Time: 2.30 – 5.30 pm

Insyallah, see you soon!