Content Ideas for Karangan & E-Mel

We are working towards listing down as many questions based on karangan and emel genre that are tested in the Malay Language paper 1 examinations. We suggest themes and story plots (for these narrative & descriptive questions), and content outline (for questions from other genre) in video guides to help students write good essays and emails. Students can use these video guides to write Karangkutu styled essays and emails. They can learn Karangkutu writing strategies by studying essays and emails in our Contoh Karangan Untuk Persiapan Peringkat N & O books.

The video guides can help students think about themes for narrative and descriptive questions. The story plots are useful for other narrative and descriptive questions too if students know how to adapt these story plots to suit the questions. Teachers can use these video guides to help develop in their students the ability to adapt story plots we share here for other narrative and descriptive questions.

We choose not to distinguish questions based on N and O level syllabi for all genre in our lists. We do this because all content ideas whether they are themes, story plots or content outlines are useful for both N and O level candidates preparing for their national examinations regardless which questions from which syllabi they are used. However, we alert students questions used from N and O level examinations so that they can see how these questions look like and what are expected from them to answer these questions well.

A final note, students can view these video guides in Instagram from their phones for easy access @#karangkutu. They can save them in seperate collections based on different genre to facilitate their revision for their national examinations. We hope that these video guides are useful teaching and learning resources for teachers and students alike.