Precursory Skills

We imagine precursory skills prerequisites students must have before they are able to learn well strategies to build their language competency. Without these prerequisites, teachers are likely to struggle teaching these strategies as their students would grapple to measure up to the standards they set for them. Who are most likely in need of help to develop these precursory skills if not the Subject Based Banding (SBB) students.

The label SBB assures teachers that these students are able to cope with the rigour of Malay Language at a higher stream than they are in. While this is true, helping these SBB students develop precursory skills before teaching them strategies to build their language compentency expected at a more challenging stream will go a long way in helping them do well in Malay Language. We have also adopted this approch with our lower secondary Normal Technical classes and we have observed that our students enjoyed and benefitted tremensously from our lessons.

We share below two precursory skills that we help develop in our Sec 1 NT/NA (SBB) and Sec 1NT students before teaching them strategies to build their language competency. We will add on this page how we develop other precursory skills from time to time.

Souvenir Magnets

Snow Globes