Password-protected Space

We reserve access to the resources in our password-protected spaces only to teachers who had participated in our workshops. We feel this is important because from their participation they would have learnt how to use our resources correctly, and understand as well as appreciate the thinking process behind how we developed these resources.

In recent times, we have also include teachers who purchased our Contoh Karangan Untuk Persiapan Peringkat N & O as beneficiaries of some of these resources. We did this to assist them teaching our writing strategies to their students. The resources are meant for teaching purpose in schools only and are not provided to other than teachers teaching Malay Language in secondary schools.

What do we have in these password protected spaces. We keep there a good collection of short videos and worksheets that we use in our teaching. We favour the flipped classroom approach when we introduce our writing strategies to our students, and these videos and worksheets comes in handy. They support our flipped classroom approach when we put them up in a padlet for easy students access. Apart from using the videos as teaching resources, a good portion of them are also reserved as oral materials that facilitate formative assessment to gauge our students’ understanding and to shape our teaching approach as we work toward building their oral competency.