Paper 3

Our Book
The highlight of this section is our book Panduan Bacaan & Lisan Untuk Persiapan Peringkat N & O. The book is complemented with reading audios and oral videos and these can be accessed from the password-protected pages on this website. The book includes strategy on how to read aloud well supported with 20 samples of reading passages each for candidates preparing for the N and O Level Oral Examinations. In addition, you can find the strategy on how to organize a coherent and convincing oral presentation supported with content that covers a variety of topics or themes featured in the Jauhari textbook for Secondary 1 to 4.

Our Collection of Oral Videos
Beyond the book, we also present here our collection of oral videos based on topics in the Jauhari textbooks (Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical) for all levels. Accompanying these videos are their respective three oral questions that we have designed using the thinking routine frameworks of Connect, Extend & Challenge for the Express and Normal Academic videos, and Tembak for the Normal Technical videos.

Our Oral Apps
While the thinking routine framework Connect, Extend, and Challenge is popular among teachers, Tembak is rare and yet innovative. We learned this framework from the Malay Language teachers from Woodlands Secondary through their research paper. We have these oral videos and questions available in Android apps (for phones and tablets) too. In addition, we suggest answers to these questions and suitable peribahasa to use. Teachers and students alike can access these apps for free from the Google Play Store. In these apps, we also explicate the thinking routine frameworks of Connect, Extend & Challenge as well as Tembak. Lastly, we provide a video guide to help teachers guide their students on how to use the apps for upper secondary Express and Normal Academic classes.

Our Other Oral Resources
We have also designed the Mini Monster Oral Guides to warm our Express and Normal Academic lower secondary students to our oral strategies. These creative learning resources are available from The Game Crafter. On a separate note, we also explore using a kinaesthetic approach to develop reading and oral competency among our Normal Technical students. In addition, we designed and employ our reading app called Saya Boleh Membaca! to help our Technical students who struggle with reading to improve their reading competency. We also provide a video guide to help teachers guide their students on how to use the app.

Other resources that you can find here video guides on how to teach lisan based on themes, and to improve oral content and organization using the guides in our oral apps. To complete these oral resources, we present playdohing – our strategy for graduating students to keep the oral jitters at bay when they sit for their N & O Level Oral Examinations.

Finally, we present the lisan extra exercises and our collection of oral activities in the Lisan Freebies. The former as the name suggests can provide students with resources for additional lisan practices. The latter, on the other hand, can help lower secondary students build content knowledge for lisan. We will add new oral activity from time to time. You sure would find our learning resources useful!

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