Paper 2

We share here some of the teaching strategies we employ in our classrooms. We will continue to add to this page videos of our teaching strategies as well as those that we have learnt from other educators for the benefits of the teaching fraternity and most importantly our students.

Our scientific approach to learning imbuhan is innovative and creative in a landscape where the English Language is predominantly spoken at home among Malay families. It is widely accepted that when children are not exposed to speaking in their mother tongue languages up till the age of seven years old, they are likely to lose the ability to appreciate the nuances in how the languages are use in different written context. This ability is key to students knowing the right imbuhan to use in any given sentence context. Our scientific approach to learning imbuhan seeks to help students who have lost this ability. Many of our students have benefitted from this approach.

You’ll find our peribahasa app useful as we organised all the peribahasa in the syllabus according to alphabets, levels (Secondary 1, Secondary 2, etc) and context for easy reference and better student’s learning. The app is made available in the Google Play Store for Android phones and tables.

The Annotation approach to answer kefahaman exercise is one of the strategies used by numerous Malay Language teachers. It has worked well with our students and we acknowledge that there may be better strategies in a different classroom context. We hope to share these strategies here from time to time.

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