Our Start Right Programme

We engage our Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic (Out of Stream) students to utilize their end of the year holidays well so that they will have a head start when school reopens. These students barely have five months before they sit for their Malay Language O Level Examinations next year. We thought of sharing this with you should it benefit you as well.


Great news!
The 70 sets of Tutla that we ordered using our N3 cluster funding have arrived yesterday. We will start distributing them to the N3 secondary schools offering Malay language from next Tuesday. Each school will receive 10 sets of Tutla. We hope students from these secondary schools will have fun and enjoy learning the rules of the Malay language from playing Tutla.

Moving on, we will produce a series of videos in the coming months to share ideas on how to play Tutla. We will place these video here: https://karangkutu.com/tutla/ 

Do check them out.

How to order Tutla
We have received queries from teachers from other secondary schools who would like to purchase Tutla. You can order Tutla directly from the Game Crafter here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/tutla. The Game Crafter will provide you with invoice for your order.

While we are the designers of Tutla, we engaged the Game Crafter to produce Tutla for us. We do not keep excess stock of Tutla and order new sets from the Game Crafter whenever the need arises.

The Game Crafter is located in the US and we choose the Game Crafter to produce Tutla because it allows us to order Tutla sets in small numbers.

Funding from MLLPC
We plan to apply funding to produce 500 sets of Tutla from the Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee (MLLPC). If the funding is approved we look forward to organize a series of workshops in the coming years to share ideas with teachers how to use Tutla in their classrooms. At the end of the workshops, we will distribute the Tutla sets to the participants for free.

Do pray that we get the funding!

For further queries on Tutla, do drop us an email.

Cheers ; )

Upcoming Workshop for Teachers

We are pleased to announce of an upcoming workshop for teachers above. In the workshop we will discuss the literary moves in every paragraph of our signature descriptive writing strategy. In addition, we will demonstrate the three-pronged pedagogical approach that we employ when teaching the strategy to our upper secondary classes.

The workshop is primarily organised for teachers who use our books Contoh Karangan Untuk Persiapan Peringkat N & O when teaching our writing strategy. Participants who are selected for the workshop will enjoy better clarity of our strategy and how best to use our resources both the books and videos/worksheets that we provide via the password protected spaces in our website.

We will also be addressing any query regarding our narrative and expository writing strategies during the Q&A session. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Please register early via https://tinyurl.com/registermepls. The maximum number of places is 30. We will close the registration once we have reached this number or by Mon 28 Oct 2019, whichever is earlier. We will inform you via e-mail at least a week before the workshop if you are selected for the workshop.

We look forward to see you at the workshop. Cheers : )

TUTLA | The Card Game that Makes the Learning of Language Rules Fun!

We successfully conducted our sharing on Tutla at Pei Hwa Secondary School this afternoon. Our teachers-audience can reach us at karangkutu@gmail.com for any query as we did not manage to carry out the Q&A session because of time constraint.

As mentioned during the sharing, all N3 cluster secondary schools that offer Malay will receive10 sets of Tutla each by the end of October. We will be contacting the ML teachers from these schools once we have received the Tutla shipment from TheGameCrafter.com.

For teachers from other secondary schools who would like to order a copy of Tutla, you can do so here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/tutla

We hope your students will have a ball of a time playing Tutla in class as they learn Malay language rules in fun and engaging ways!

Happy Teachers’ Day

Our best wishes definitely go to all educators for their dedication in educating our young.

However, this year Teachers’ Day I would like to share an anecdote. It was an encounter I had with a ML teacher at a mosque for Friday prayer many years ago. I first knew this teacher when I was at MOE HQ and I have the upmost respect for him. It was in the month of Syawal and hari raya was just a week old. So naturally we talked about hari raya and in particular about having students visiting our homes.

What struck me during the conversation was about what he said of students under our charge. Till this day his words remain in my mind and has been a constant reminder for me to be a grateful servant. The teacher informed me that he would make sure that he invited all his students to his house for hari raya and treated them well when they came. When I asked him why take such trouble? His reply was unexpected but devastatingly cut deep.

He said: Para pelajar kita ini ada pundi-pundi rezeki kita. Melalui merekalah Tuhan memberikan kita rezeki. Tanpa mereka, tak tahulah dari mana datangnya rezeki kita.  

I was taken aback when I heard this.

So as we educators celebrate Teachers’ Day today, I would like to take this opportunity express my sincere gratitude to all my students past and present for being the best students I have and more importantly for overlooking my shortcomings and continue to be the pundi rezeki for me and my family.

Among all my students, the lovely bunch in the video above always draw a smile from me every time I watch this video. They were from my best cohort who produced our school best ever distinction passes the year they sat for their O level examinations. They acted and produced the video as a video project submission for our rentas cipta lesson to expose and get students interested in Malay folklore (cerita rakyat).

Check out the video. I am sure you would enjoy it as much as I did!

Terima kasih kepada semua pelajar cikgu!

A Tribute to Singapore

We learnt a lot about Singapore’s 700 years of history from putting together this video for our School’s National Day celebration. In addition, the multimedia sensory experience at the Fort Canning Centre brings to life key moments in Singapore’s transformations as well as historical figures that played crucial roles in them. Our students only knew some of them to begin with. Thus, they gained useful knowledge about the past that makes what Singapore is today from the trip to the centre.

This realization set us thinking about students who did not have the opportunity to visit the Fort Canning Centre. While the video above provide them a glimpse of what they could have experienced there, what else can we do?

The BigS | Bicentennial Singapura Card Game
For this we have created a lesson package building around a card game that we have designed with the objective to educate students some of the (perhaps, lesser known) historical figures and the transformative events that had helped shape Singapore. The card game is called BigS | Bicentennial Singapura. The card game is played like the card game Fikir-fikir. Many Malay teachers may have a few sets of Fikir-fikir card game in their schools and could have used them in their lessons before. Essentially, like Fikir-fikir, students are expected to guess the historical figures or the transformative events in Singapore’s long history from hints made available on the BigS cards.

The lesson consists of two parts; the preparatory and the game play.

The Preparatory
The preparatory takes place in the last 20 mins of the previous lesson where students work together to prepare the cards with templates provided here. Students needs to have some stationery, namely scissors, glue and some drawing block papers. Next, the cards are distributed among the students with the task of finding the appropriate hints (5 words or phrase) for the figures or the events stated on their cards. To find the hints, they need to view as homework all the videos in the playlist here: https://tinyurl.com/SGBicentennial. This playlist contains 23 short videos about segments of Singapore 700 years history courtesy of the Singapore Bicentennial YouTube Channel. This homework is a prerequisite to build students’ prior knowledge to play the card game.

The Game Play
The game play takes place during the next lesson. The teacher starts the lesson by getting students to arrange their seats in a continuous line. Each seat represents a point in Singapore’s 700 years historical timeline. Without showing their cards to their peers, students will work their way to find the appropriate seat to represent their places in the Singapore’s historical timeline. Once the students have settled, they will take turn – starting with the first in the timeline – to explain the hints on their cards for other students to guess correctly the figures or the events stated on their cards. Whoever guesses correctly gets to keep the card. Before giving the card away, the student who prepared the hints has to share a summary about the figure or the event and why it plays a transformative role in Singapore’s history. At the end of the game, student who has the most correct guesses (or most cards collected) wins the game. It sure gets the class excited if the teacher presents something nice as a token for the winner. Try it and let us know how your students feel about the lesson.

The BigS | Bicentennial Singapura Card Game