Motivational Gifts for Graduating Students

Many schools organise 5-7 days intensive programme for their graduating students prior to their O level (June) Mother Tongue Examinations. The intensive programme serves to close up any remaining learning gaps students have while at the same time conditions them to the examination environment through a few practices of mock examinations. Students who took the programme seriously and actively sought clarifications for any queries they had, truly benefitted from the programme. However, teachers need to lift up the students’ spirit at the end of the programme, as the programme can be quite an energy sapping experience. To end our intensive programme on a high spirit, we conduct a number of activities. One of them is a prize giving ceremony where every student deserves a gift for all their effort through out their 4-5 years stay in our school. Below are some ideas for teachers to consider when choosing gifts for their students.

Tuntutlah Ilmu Sampai ke Negera . . . Gifts Series

This is a great idea if you like your students to have something that can be part of their bedroom decorations whereby upon looking at these gifts reminds them fondly of you and the advices you gave them, as well as the memorable experiences during your lessons with them. We like these gifts a lot because they encapsulate the teacher doa; I mean who knows, your students may one day go to these great cities to pursue their higher learning, or simply to live there.

We suggest that you choose the best landmarks and cities based on what you know of your students like his or her personality and aspirations. For example, we have a student who is quiet but reflective and when asked, never fail to give a thought-provoking response. For her we felt the Chinese Pagoda is the best fit, as in some traditions it resembles knowledge, peace and silence. Another student aspires to pursue his studies in Oxford or Cambridge one day, and what better gift than the Big Ben, or the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. We suggest that you wrote the reasons for your choices on a card, and read them aloud before the class for everyone to know the significance of these gifts to the recipients. Don’t forget to hand the card to the recipients for safekeeping and an invaluable memento.

Framed Photo Collages

These are special photo collages. Not only are they personalised, the photos were carefully selected from activities students took part in their 4-5 years stay in the school. In this regards, the photo collages are like visual time capsules that remind students how they looked like when they first joined the school at Secondary 1 and then after at other levels. Students never fail to smile when they look at old photos of themselves. This is another good choice for gifts, for they can also be part of the students’ bedroom decorations to leave a lasting impression of what sweet and memorable memories that you have left on them.

Motivational Gifts for Our Graduating Students 2019

More to come, insyallah.