About Karang Kutu

Karangkutu is a film-maker and an educator with a passion for exploring innovative teaching practices and developing effective learning resources. We share our teaching practices and learning resources with fellow teaching fraternity and students. Join us in our sharing session which we will announce in this website from time to time.

In this website, we share with you what have done so far. If you would like to have access to our teaching and learning resources, they are packaged in android apps (for phones and tablets) and made available on Google Play Store. In addition, we have just published two books that contain sample of descriptive, expository and narrative essays using our writing strategies. These are a must-have books for students wanting to do well for Malay in their national exams.

We are excited to announce Tutla.  It is a card game and a learning aid that helps the learning of Malay language rules fun! If you would like to own a personal set or make bulk purchase for your school, you can place your order of Tutla via The Game Crafter here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/tutla

For queries, please drop us a note at karangkutu@gmail.com

We will be posting news of new resources from time to time, if God wills.  Please follow us for updates.

Last updated on 22 September 2019.

7 thoughts on “About Karang Kutu

  1. Hi

    I would like to purchase the karangans and
    receive updates regarding new karangans
    that are available..thank you

  2. I was quite disappointed that Karang Kutu did not reply to my e-mail purchase, I’ve sent several e-mails but not a single reply. I’m buying all the Karangan as well as the GCE O level book.

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