Students’ Feedback

We share below our students’ feedback from an interview we had to find out the impact our collectibles have had on them achieving distinctions for their O Level Malay Language Examinations in June 2020. They successfully collected all 12 collectibles. Do find out what they had to say.

The collectibles gave Kalisya a sense of reassurance of her achievements and encouraged her to do even better.

The collectibles reminded Umairah that slow progress is just as meaningful as big progress.

The collectibles allowed Nur Adlina to see the Malay Language not as one whole subject but in terms of small byte sizes.

The collectibles motivated Maryam to step out of her comfort zone.

The collectibles spurred Sharmayne to work harder for all of the Malay Language examination components.

The collectibles encouraged Atiqah to keep up the pace with her peers who had achieved more collectibles than her.

The collectibles helped Rabia build confidence and sharpen her skills in components she is weak in.