We decided to co-design with our graduating students the criteria. In this way, students are aware of the standards expected from them to attain each of the 12 Kami Pelajar A1 collectibles. That aside, students are also able to voice their concerns should the standards be set beyond their limits that would put them off from attaining the collectibles.

We understand that there is a need not to set the standards too high that our students would be discouraged from working hard, and at the same time they should not be set too low that collecting the collectibles becomes easy and meaningless.

We started by showing our students the collectibles that we had framed up as a suggestion of a possible way students can display their collectibles. We encouraged students to work hard to own all the collectibles, and excited them that the collectibles serve as pictoral evidences that they are ready for the Malay Language O Level Examinations in June. They can display proudly these evidences at home for their parents to see.

We proposed the following criteria for negotiation with our students.

Our students requested for the number of kefahaman subjektif exercises with  the score 32/40 be lowered from 15 to 10 as criterion to attain its achievement card. We counter-offered to 13 before finally both parties settled for 12. We were amazed that our students did not try to negotiate to lower the number of karangan and email. Still, we will monitor our students’ progress and may consider lowering their numbers so that the achievement cards for these examinable items are attainable (with hard work definitely) and within our students’ reach.

The criteria are available in these presentation slides.

We have to admit that these criteria look ideal as we moved on from the start of the year. For our students to achieve them, we have to provide them with many more practices than the number of criteria for each collectibles. This goes without saying. However, this is not possible because time is a premium for graduating students; whatever that is left ourside of curriculum hours will be used for practices across other subjects as homework. In view of this, we have now downscaled the criteria to the following:

  • 5 perfect scores for Imbuhan, Peribahasa, Kosa Kata & Kefahaman Objecktif
  • 3 Band 1 marks for all genre of Karangan (> 31/40 marks), all genre of E-mel (> 15/20 marls) and Kefahaman Subjecktif (> 23/30 marks)

We gave every students this booklet for them to record their marks for every assignments and when they meet the criteria we would sign our initials next to the marks as evidences. Once the have collected enough assignments with the marks we have set as criteria, we will hold a small and short ceremony in class to award them their achievement cards.

We are delighted to report that our students are showing a strong desire to attain the achievement cards when we saw them giving their best in the first written assignment we gave them a while ago. Though the quality may not be up to mark but we could see that thay had put in a lot of effort but needed a bit more guide to submit an even better quality work.

We are committed to continue supporting our students to reach their aims.