Charting Progress

We started the journey by getting our graduating students to plot where they are in their estimations of their ability to do well in the coming Malay Language O Level Examination in June, and what grades they hope to get.

We instructed our students to write what their most pressing challenges are at the moment that prevented them from doing well and reflect on strategies they could employ to overcome them. These challenges may not necessarily be academic in nature for example, procrastination, easily tired and noisy homes. This exercise helped facilitate our students to take a proactive role in overcoming any difficulty they faced in achieving their targetted grades.

We began the year with several teaching clinics where we nurse our students back to competency in the various learning strategies that we taught them last year. We have learnt sadly that the long November and December holidays last year have taken the bite out from what they used to know.

We ran the clinics throughout the whole of Term 1 and our students were required to submit various assignments as part of their rehabilitation. We are pleased to share that many of them did well for these assignments and we are confident that they will continue to do well as we gear them up for more assignments in the coming Term 2.

We look forward to having many among them earning their first collectibles in Term 2. We are curious to see who would that be and what collectibles will be first up for grab. We’ll be reporting that to you.

Our first pit stop was in Term 1 Week 5 where we touched base with our graduating students to understand how much progress they perceived they had made so far. Again, we got students to write down what one pressing challenge they were facing then and reflect on one strategy that would get them over that challenge. It was good to see an improvement to all with small steps for some while others are making good progress.

One may argue that what is perceived is not as good as what is the real thing. We agree to this logic but we have this to say: Students’ perceptions of their progress give us a glimpse of their confidence and mental state. In other words, they encourage us to probe further to undertand enduring challenges that students still faced since the start of the year and to help them or at least suggest ways they could employ to overcome those challenges.

That aside, we are well-conversant of the real progress every student is making because we keep track of the marks they scored for every assignments. Remember that we gave every students a booklet for them to record their marks for every assignments. We did this so that when the students meet the criteria to earn the collectibles they would have us sign our initials next to the marks as evidences. So there is value is monitoring students’ perceptions of their progress.