Health is Wealth

Turning A Challenge into An Opportunity
The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted lives. In Singapore, the circuit breaker has been extended to another month and likewise school closure would be extended for the same duration. However, the outbreak presents a valuable opportunity for us to educate in our students important lessons that they can learn from.

Our COVID-19 Lesson Package
With this in mind, we have prepared COVID-19 lesson package for our graduating students where we organise oral activities around the theme Health is Wealth. These oral activities are designed to help our graduating students to build their oral competency to better prepare for the O Level Oral Examinations.

To help us, we first looked out for topics in the Secondary 1-4 Jauhari textbooks that focus on health issues. From our research, we found 5 such topics below:

Secondary 1
Kebersihan Persekitaran Tanggungjawab Bersama

Secondary 2
Musuh Halimunan

Secondary 3
Pemberian Yang Tidak Ternilai
Kebersihan Bermula Dengan Diriku

Secondary 4
Kemajuan Dalam Dunia Perubatan

Our Design
Based on these topics we put together relevant oral videos and designing oral questions together with suggested pointers serves as scaffolds. As with all scaffolds, they are only useful for students who need them. However, for high ability students, these scaffolds will soon become straitjackets that hinder their thoughts and creativity. So, for these students, we encouraged them to come up with their own points and challenge them to give something different and better than our suggested pointers. We printed this information onto worksheets (QR codes to video the oral video).

Our Presentation – Democracy in Learning
We gave our graduating students the agency to choose the worksheets vis-a-vis topics for their oral practices. This we believe is important in a democratic classroom. To achieve this aim, we engaged our students to role play as doctors and experts of a medical field of their choice. We then present symptoms of illness related to the topics from the Jauhari textbooks belonging to 5 patient’s cases using IdeaBoardz. Students were invited to sign-up to treat any one of the 5 patients of their choice. In this way, we allocated the topics to our students.

Our Worksheets
We share below our worksheets. Please click of the pics below for the worksheets. We have also included exemplary oral presentations accompanying some of the worksheets.

I encourage you to try this lesson package with your students. Do not forget to share with us how it went. Good luck! : )