The school closure as a result of the circuit breaker takes our classroom lessons online. Our online lessons are conducted in a weekly YouTube live stream, a series of podcasts and padlet. Students can view again all the collections of YouTube live streaming and podcasts in these password-protected spaces in the subsections of this page.

Students are invited to drop their assignment via their personalised Dropbox folders. They can receive written and audio feedback via the comment section next to their assignments in their Dropbox folder. We make use of Vocaroo to record our audio feedback.

We also share here our COVID-19 learning package where we educate our students important lessons that they can take from the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Singapore. The learning package includes meaningful oral activities that are designed to help our graduating students build their oral competency to better prepare for the O Level Oral Examinations. They are organised according to themes like Health is Wealth and Patriotism Towards Singapore, and make use of sections of our manuscript of the book Panduan Bacaan & Lisan Untuk Persiapan Peringkat N & O.

In addition to the oral activities, we also designed and included COVID-19 themed questions in the paper 1 preliminary examination for our graduating students. To facilitate them to describe well the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 outbreak in their emails and essays, we share the correct translation of the COVID-19 related terms in Malay Language. In this way, our students are more prepared to use COVID-19 scenarios in their emails and essays in the coming Malay Language Paper 1 O Level Examinations should the opportunitiy arises.