Android Apps for Karangan Naratif (N Level Format)

We have published our new Karangan Naratif (Format N) apps for phones and tablets on Google Play.


This apps contains a collection of narrative essays employing Karangkutu writing technique for narrative questions based on N level format. The list of narrative essays is available here.

Search “karangan naratif” or “karangkutu” on Google Play from your mobile devices.

[Infographic] Senarai Tema Untuk Karangan Naratif & Deskriptif

Students will find this resource useful when they think about theme. Each theme is hyperlinked to an Internet resource that provides a story context. To access the story context, click on the image below for a pdf version of the file. Hyperlinks work in a pdf file but are hidden in an image file.
Infographic 6

[N Level] Karangan Naratif 12: Aku menjawab panggilan telefon itu dengan mata yang masih mengantuk. Siapakah yang menelefonku pada jam tiga pagi ini? Rasa mengantukku hilang dengan tiba-tiba apabila mendengar suara . . .

Click here to view the first page.

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