Pelajar Cemerlang Series 3

This year marked the third year of our video project where we invited students who scored distinctions in the recent June O Level Malay Language Examinations to share their recipes to success. The aim of this video project is to educate our upcoming graduating students on how best to prepare for their national examinations and to motivate them to work hard to give their best.

This year several students have agreed to share their recipes to success and you can view their sharing and sharing of past students here. We usually play these videos during the first lesson of the year to get our graduating students to start the year on the right foot. These videos serve as a trigger activity to get our graduating students to envision themselves in the shoes of the students in this video. At the end of the lesson, they are given the task to create a video of themselves sharing (a) how they felt when they first heard that they had scored a distinction in the O Level Malay Language Examinations and (b) what were their recipes to success.

The aim of this envisioning exercise is to stroke our graduation students’ emotions so deeply that they experience that rush of adrenaline that comes with success and hopefully, albeit brief and fleeting, this experience will motivate them to work hard to score a distinction for themselves too. We look forward to discussing in greater detail how we had used these students’ videos from the envisioning exercise we had this year to better prepped our graduating students just before they sat for their O Level Malay Language Examinations in June. Do look out for our future post on this.

Preparing Students Psychologically for the Imminent ML O Level Results Release

What does a Japanese racehorse have anything to do with graduating classes and the Malay Language O Level results release. Who would have thought that there is a connection and a useful one too?

The Malay Language O Level results release is imminent. The release is anticipated with a varying degree of trepidations from many students, even those who were consistently doing well in assignments and are expected to do ace the examinations. They are the focus of our one-time lesson specially designed for the pre-Malay Language O Level results release.

The objective of our lesson is to psychologically prepare our graduating students when they receive their Malay Language O Level results. All of them have worked tirelessly for the past 18 months now. However, we adults are wise enough to know that life may not necessarily play out as how we plan it to be and we may not get in the end what we have strived hard towards to before. Our students are too young to know this and maybe too inexperienced to accept disappointment to bounce back stronger and focus on the next step.

The next step for our graduating students is the November O Level Examinations for their remaining subjects. They have to remain focus regardless of what is the outcome of their Malay Langauge O Level results. They can achieve this if they are able to take disappointment well and bounce back as soon as possible. However, we have seen over the years there would always be a few whom we had expected to do well lost a lot of time because they were sucked into a depression after receiving an unfavourable result. This lesson is for them.

What this lesson is not – and this is an important caveat – is that it is not for students who refuse to work hard from the start. They should not take what they learn from the lesson any respite for their poor results that were of their own doing. This has to be made clear from the start of the lesson. We do not want students to walk away from the lesson with any unintended message that may affect negatively how they approach work and challenges in life moving forward. We thank God that most of our students are highly motivated to work hard to ace their examinations except for a very small number.

Our special lesson is designed around a short film about a Japanese racehorse named Haru Urara. The video is available in Vimeo. The original lesson can be found here but we have made some modifications.

The most prominent modification is an activity called Dearest me that we have added at the end of the lesson. In this activity, students are invited to write a motivational note to themselves via Google Form using their handphones. These notes are for their eyes only and will not be shared with others. As such, they are expected to be sincere and upfront with what they wrote. Their notes consist of advice and words of motivation to themselves should they get unfavourable results, may God forbids.

We will text these notes to them after the release of the results. What better way to shake one up from a depression slumber than reading one own advice and motivation!

We encourage you to modify the lesson to what suits your students best. Good luck! Do share with us how you lesson went. We would love to hear from you. Cheers