No Teacher Should Be Left Behind

We have designed below 10 Teachers’ Day online wishes cards that you can choose from to express your appreciation towards your teachers for free. In this way, no teacher should be left behind from receiving your appreciation and well-wishes.

How to use them. You can post these cards on social media, tag them to your teachers if you know their social media accounts, and add your personalized message for them in your posts. Alternatively, you can email these cards to your teachers. You can find their email addresses from your school website. Or, you can text the link to the cards in an SMS or Whatsapp to them too. Whichever works best for you.

We would love to hear which card is your favourite in the comment section below this post. Remember, don’t miss out any of your teachers! Make Teachers’ Day a blessed day for rejoicing for them for all the hard work they had put in for you.

On the behalf of your teachers, I thank you in advance for your appreciation and well-wishes.

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