Celebrating Teachers

Teachers’ Day is an important occasion for my family. It is an opportunity for me to reinforce in my children the values of respect towards those who help develop their intellect and mold them into morally-upright individuals. To achieve this, I would ensure that my children have something meaningful prepared for their teachers as Teachers’ Day gifts. You will be surprised that with a bit of agency and creativity, you could come up with something that costs little to put together that your teachers will appreciate. Beyond that, for the younger ones, I went as far as to get them to rehearse scripted well-wishes they will say to their teachers when they present their gifts to them. All these are to heighten the significance of the occasion in my children.

This year, we decided to work with enamel pins. I got these rare pins costing two dollars each online that came in four colours but my children preferred them in red and black. The message on the apple-shaped pins reads:

I am a teacher. What is your superpower??????

We designed back-up cards with customized messages for individual teachers together. We wrapped the Teachers’ Day gifts in decorative plastic bags. What do you reckon? Do you like them?

I hope this sharing sparks off some interesting ideas you can consider as meaningful gifts for your teachers this coming Teachers’ Day. Do start early thinking about what you would like to give them. Do not forget your Malay teachers. They have been working hard to prepare you for your Malay Language O Level Examination last June. The results release is anticipated to be this Monday. Regardless of your results, do show your appreciation for all the good they have done for you thus far.

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