Don’t Despair; Help is Around

Being a student is not easy. Not only that you have to contend with assignments and examinations, but you too are not saved from the brunt of difficulty when problems strike your family. I remember growing up I was always constantly looking out for community centres that offered bursary for needy students ever since my dad passed away when I was in Secondary 1 leaving behind my mom who had never work before in her life consigned to double shift work in a plastic factory to raise a family of three children.

And so, since Karangkutu is drawing record number of hits these past weeks because of the N & O Level Examinations, I thought of sharing this good news over Karangkutu so that more students get to know it.

The good news is that the Northeast Community Development Council is providing financial assistance scheme to help residents living in Aljunied, Pasir Ris-Punggol, Tampines GRCs, Hougang and Punggol East SMCs. Therefore, if your family are Singaporeans/PRs and have a per capita income not exceeding $800 (total family income divided by the number of family members), you may want to consider applying for the financial assistance by Northeast CDC.

The online application can be found here:

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