Describing COVID-19 in Malay Language

As the circuit breaker eases in phases, we would like to continue impress upon our students the need to stay vigilant and maintain high personal hygiene as well as adhering closely to the safe distancing measures. This we do by getting our students to reflect on their practices and lessons they have learnt thus far during the circuit breaker. To facilitate this, we designed and included COVID-19 themed questions in the paper 1 preliminary examination for our graduating students. Click on the images below to view the questions.

Many students were caught off guard by the COVID-19 themed questions and a few of them did not manage to use the correct COVID-19 related terms in Malay Language in their emails and essays. As such, we took the opportinity to share the correct translation of these terms after the preliminary examinations. In this way, our students are more prepared to use COVID-19 scenarios in their emails and essays in the coming Malay Language Paper 1 O Level Examinations should the opportunitiy arises. We share the translation of these terms with you below. The slides can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Describing COVID-19 in Malay Language

  1. There other COVID-19 terms put forth by my students and together we worked out their equivalent terms in Malay. Here they are:

    English | Malay
    vaccine | vaksin
    vaccine trial | percubaan vaksin
    e-learning | pembelajaran dalam talian
    retrenchment | pemberhentian pekerja
    unpaid leave | cuti tanpa gaji
    government support | bantuan pemerintah
    restrictions | sekatan
    precaution | berjaga-jaga
    precautions | langkah berjaga-jaga
    Safe Entry | daftar masuk dan keluar menggunakan sistem Safe Entry
    temperature | suhu badan
    community case | kes komuniti
    infected | dijangkiti
    wipe-down routines | rutin penghapusan kuman
    swab test | ujian swab
    transmission | penularan
    face shield | pelindung muka
    foreign workers dormitory | dormitori pekerja asing
    safety measures | langkah-langkah keselamatan
    bankrupt | muflis
    pandemic | pandemik
    vigilant | berjaga-jaga
    NCID | Pusat Kebangsaan Penyakit Berjangkit
    Safe Distancing Ambassador | Duta Penjarakan Selamat
    imported cases | kes-kes yang diimport
    epidemic | epidemik
    panic buying | pembelian panik
    local transmission | penularan tempatan
    phase | tahap
    in phases | bertahap
    tourism | industri pelancongan
    travel | melancong
    scan | mengimbas
    business closure | penutupan perniagaan
    temperatre taking exercise | latihan mengambil suhu badan
    economy downfall | kemelesetan ekonomi
    blended learning | pembelajaran gabungan
    border | sempanan
    suspected case | kes yang disyaki
    contact tracing | pengesanan kontak
    cross contamination | pencemaran silang
    reservation | tempahan
    saliva | air liur

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