Our First Android Apps!

Great news!
We have finally published our very first android apps for phones and tablets on Google Play!


This apps contains a collection of descriptive essays employing Karangkutu writing technique for descriptive questions based on O level format. The list of descriptive essays is available here.

Search “karangan deskriptif” or “karangkutu” on Google Play from your mobile devices.

Google now has Google Play Family Library, a new feature that allows up to six family members to share purchased apps on Google Play. Unfortunately, Singapore is not yet included in the countries that support this. :/

Else, you can get your mom or dad to purchase this apps and download it to your and your sibling android devices. Or teachers can choose to share their purchases to 5 other school android devices for student use. Let’s give it some time. I’m sure Singapore will opt in eventually.

Anyway, we look forward to develop more apps to house our resources for your easy access. Coming up, apps for karangan deskriptif for N level formatted questions, insyallah. Talk to you again soon.


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